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Dolce Sitges

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04.06.10 :: BREAKING NEWS :: Photographers arrested and hunted down in the hills.

Photographers are being harrassed, followed by choppers and motorcycles by police in the hills around the Dolce Sitges.

Two photographers in the hills had their rucksacks taken by police on motorbikes who'd been informed of their whereabouts by choppers. Two more photographers were detained for four hours. Another was told to delete pictures or face 32 hours detention.

Over 300 police have been deployed at great cost to the Spanish tax-payer.

Military catamarans patrol the sea outside Sitges, there are choppers in the sky and a no-fly zone has been imposed forcing local hang-gliders out of the air.





For media enquiries regarding the Bilderberg conference please contact:

Bilderberg 2010

Dolce Sitges Hotel, June 3-6


As the official press liason for Bilderberg 2010, we'll be providing up-to-the-minute information and on-the-ground support at this year's influential conference. Our job is to forge and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between Bilderberg and the world's media. Our aim is to ensure that Bilderberg 2010 gets the kind of world class press coverage it deserves.


Press packs and accreditation will be made available at our on-site press office from 2nd-6th June. During the conference, we'll be offering 24hr media & agency liason services, and a comprehensive delegate information pool, including pictures and biogs - a valuable resource for both media and interested members of the public.

a different ethos

a different kind of conference


This is the first year that the press have been invited to this truly unique event, and we pledge to make their experience a great one, leading to high levels of press coverage and maximum exposure for Bilderberg. This is the year that Bilderberg truly steps out of the shadows and into the light.


During the conference, our experienced and enthusiastic media-liason team expects to be busy from morning till night fielding questions, setting up interviews and smoothing out any problems that journalists may have on their journey to 'get the story.'